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Why Partner With Us

An expertise

With its competence in international plans and local environment, Henner designs, implements and manages innovative insurance solutions compliant with local regulations.


Henner has been supporting its clients internationally by designing health plans adapted to people who are on the move. Whether they are private individuals, employees at a corporation or international organisations, they can trust Henner to take care of their employee benefits: more than 1.6 million people have already done so. Henner would like to share its know-how and experience with you, helping you develop a privileged relationship with your clients

A broad range of flexible products

Are your clients private individuals ? Companies ?

Henner designs reliable and evolving products built in partnership with leading insurers. Our products are adapted to the needs of all your clients and comply with your country’s local regulation.

And because cost-containment is an absolute priority for us, Henner also supports you in managing contracts ensuring an optimal control of health expenditures.

Service and customer satisfaction

Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at Henner.

For clients, individuals and companies, the services offered by Henner will help you make the difference thanks to an efficient and high-quality customer management.

Henner manages claims within 3 days, and prior agreements within 24 hours in case of hospitalisation. Our teams provide a reliable support network 24/7.

An international medical network

Your clients will have access to the Henner network of health professionals, upon subscribing to the policy.

Hospitals, medical centres, laboratories, radiology centres, pharmacies, doctors and dentists are carefully chosen based on the quality of services offered, fairness of their fees and agreement for direct billing.

A dedicated sales tool

Henner facilitates your activities via a new pricing tool.

As a Henner intermediary partner, you will benefit from a unique relationship that combines the reliability of a company that has 30 years of international experience with the performance of its services made available to you and your clients. Henner‘s first commitment is, above all, to respect your commitment.

A close relationship

Our teams are available around the clock to help and assist you wherever you are.