Health check-up

Our solution

Employing staff abroad may involve complex medical situations.

For companies with expatriate employees, Henner offers dedicated prevention check-ups, which cover the physical and psychological aspects of living abroad.

What are the benefits of a health check-up?

  • Earlier diagnosis, more effective management of illnesses and better handling of stress
  • Increased attractiveness and company loyalty among employees

Who can benefit from a health check-up and how often?

This service is provided only to expatriate staff and their families prior, during, and after the expatriation.

  • Prior to expatriation, a check-up can help companies identify risk factors and evaluate whether the health condition of the employee and their family is compatible with the employee’s new mission.
  • During the expatriation, a medical follow-up can detect health complications or new health events.
  • After the expatriation, Henner conducts a check-up to help the company ensure that there are no complications related to the expatriation and to detect potential difficulties involved in returning to a “regular” lifestyle.

Good to know

If a problem is detected during the health check-up prior to departure, Henner can provide you with better health support during your expatriation with the help of our international network.