Medical Services

We are your everyday healthcare partner

We support you wherever you are

International healthcare network

Our members’ healthcare and well-being is our priority

Henner provides members with a network of facilities and doctors who have signed agreements to facilitate your access to care, and limit your healthcare expenses.

Our international healthcare network includes around 57,000 partner providers in 188 countries.

We are constantly working to expand our international network to meet your every healthcare needs.



Medical Team

A medical team devoted to your well-being and healthcare

Our Henner medical team is made up of 53 health specialists including doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and medical coordinators.

The medical team is available everyday to guide you within our international healthcare network and help you coordinate access to care.

They offer you access to care with the best expense ratio and provide patient management services to help you with all administrative tasks and treatment so you can focus on your heath and recovery.

Our initiatives

  • Patient management
  • Health check-up anywhere around the world
  • Prevention and screening held at your office or remotely using online techniques



  • Organisation of a second medical opinion
  • Video-consultation service with GPs and specialists available in various languages
  • An international crisis management service
  • A medical coordination service with all those involved in your healthcare