Plan for companies

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Consulting advices

Consulting advices and analysis of your mobile employees’ requirements for retirement coverage by:

  • A Mapping of your different pension schemes
  • An Assessment for retirement eligibility in France and abroad of your employees
  • A Benchmark
  • Recommendations that fit your needs

Design of the solution that meets your needs to better prepare for retirement of your employees* :

  • For companies with 2-10 employees, we offer a standard plan purchased from Luxemburg
  • For companies with more than 10 employees, we design tailor-made solutions

*Eligibility : the Parent company or group entity responsible for global employees must be located in the European Union. 


As an insurance Policy, our international pension plan allows you to :

  • Build up an additional pension plan by capitalisation
  • Adopt a multi-currency Financial management plan adapted to international profiles

And for you employees :

  • Continued membership to a pension fund in case of recurrent mobility
  • Modular product specificities
  • Multicurrency offer
  • Ability to use the solution as an additional pension plan
  • Continue with the same plan regardless of your country of assignment